6 Tips for Natural Eye Makeup



.When it comes to eye makeup, some girls tend to think too much making their makeup appear too thick and over done. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to keep your eye makeup looking natural and clean. The great thing about natural eye makeup is that you don’t look as if you’re wearing too much makeup. With the simple tips below, you will finally be able to achieve the perfect look with ease.



Don’t Default To Black Liner


Don’t ever default to using black liner because it can be quite harsh and intense to the face. Instead consider using a line that is soft and not too harsh so that it blends in well to your skin. Also, make sure that you don’t put too much pressure on your hand when applying eye liner because it can really make your eyes look very strong in a not so positive way.


“Tightline” Your Top Lash Lines With Brown Liner


Secondly, instead of applying liquid eye liner, consider to tightline your eyes instead. If you’re not so sure what tightlining is, it basically is applying eyeliner under your top lashes. It may seem quite scary to do so at first, but you’ll really get used to it. This simple trick will make your eyes pop without it looking like you’re wearing any makeup.


Enhance Eyes With Neutral Colors


Enhancing your eyes doesn’t mean you have to use harsh and thick colors. You will be surprised on how natural and neutral colors can really make your eyes pop. A couple neutral colors you can apply are beige, brown, bronze, nude, and maroon. Also, these colors look awesome on all skin colors and all events as well.


Skip Fake Lashes And Curl Instead


If you don’t want to windup looking like you’re wearing too much makeup, make sure to skip wearing false lashes and instead curl your lashes. Fake lashes can really make your entire look appear very dramatic and so if you want to just have a clean and natural look, it is recommended to skip this step.


Use Mascara Sparingly


Use mascara sparingly because the goal is to just enhance your lashes as oppose to murdering them with a ton of product. A couple swipes is perfectly enough, as all you want is for the product to keep your lashes perky and curly. If your mascara seems to have a ton of product on it, wipe it off from so that your don’t apply clumps of mascara to your lashes.


Keep It Simple


Lastly, keep your eyes simple, because the less you apply, the more natural you eyes will appear. To create a glow to your eyes, don’t forget to highlight your tear ducts, the brow bones, and the middle of your lids. This quick step will really make you look more magical.


These tips might not seem all that effective, but they will really be helpful when trying to get the perfect natural look.







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